here are some quick facts about the USAs national bird. 1. they are not bald ,but have white heads and tails complete with brown bodies. 2. bald eagles live in Canada, the united states and Northen Mexico. 3. they are carnivores and mostly eat fish and other birds. 4.bald eagles have strong grip, ten times […]


tell me a story………..

Hi. Welcome. Are you good at writing stories? then why not enter our story competition. It ends on January the 3rd. This competition is open to all ages !!! Simply go to comments enter a fun and funky name, how old you are and then write a chapter of your own story. So what are […]

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fan club

Get involved at funky news by……..joining our fan club. It is only for under 13 yrs and its great. Start a conversation, talk about which posts you like and how we can make it better. Just head to comments and type. Remember before you send it choose a funky and fun codename such as wildcat […]

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